Friday, July 13, 2012

IM’s Pablo for Jerome Lorico’s designer profile in Garage magazine


IM Agency’s Pablo wears Jerome Lorico’s fashion-forward pieces in this month’s designer profile editorial.

Twenty year-old Lorico describes his A/W 2012 collection as an in-depth study of the local tribes in the country. “Upon research, I discovered that some royal members of the ancient tribes in our country are already assimilated in our society without their knowledge,” Lorico says. The collection is all about the strength of history in the veins of our culture.


Jerome’s style tips:

  • A white cotton shirt will never fail you.
  • A good pair of denim jeans with a good fit is a must-have.
  • A guy should own at least one nice suit.
  • A gentleman should own more.
  • Do not forget to C-S-P: Comb, Shave, and Perfume.
  • Accessories are not necessities.
  • Do not be afraid to own a tote bag and an umbrella.
  • Own a decent pair of leather shoes and remember to polish them before using. Do not neglect the soles.
  • Aim for comfort. You can never look good if you’re wearing something that you’re not really fond of wearing.
  • Confidence is the greatest style accessory so far.

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