Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Valerie Weigmann in Cosmopolitan magazine fashion editorial


IM Agency’s supermodel Valerie Weigmann is on this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine’s “Get ahead” fashion editorial.

Check out how to dress like a fashionable working woman in this feature.


Fierce yet feminine. Tell everyone that you are an empowered woman without actually saying it.


Red alert. Nothing says “I am powerful” than a bold red addition to your office attire.


Like a pro. No matter how beautiful your outfit is, remember that confidence is the best accessory that you need to make everyone believe that you are strong.

You go, Valerie!

More of Valerie Weigmann here.

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TVJackieM said...

I'm a Bay area based model who would love the opportunity to work with Valerie Weigmann. If she ever does a magazine soot here in San Francisco, please feel free to contact me. Here is my modeling website: http://www.modelmanagement.com/model/tommy-hendrickson

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