Thursday, July 5, 2012

Diego’s “The fash pack” editorial in Garage Magazine


At first look, one might mistake this editorial as an actual campaign – almost!

International model Diego adds character to the clothes and transforms from a bad boy, college jock, and nerd!

Check out these super cool fashion ideas for all the students out there to get inspiration from.


Prep up. Get the instant genius look with a cool jacket or cardigan and earth-colored clothes. Make sure to back it up by reading notes! ;)


Get hip. Get creative with colors! Don’t afraid to mix and match your pieces for your own unique look.


Be sporty. Check out Diego’s guns! Make sure to get your own varsity jacket with your school’s colors.


Just be you. Don’t you love Diego’s energy in this photo?!! Remember that in school, you should discover who you are and your clothes will show your personality.


Rock it. Show your inner rock star with a classic leather jacket, vintage shirt, and pants!


Pastel preps. Get preppy with pastel colors to show your gentle side.


Get outdoorsy. Hiking? Get in touch with the outdoors by wearing the appropriate clothes – hat, comfortable jacket, pants, and hiking shoes!


Indiefy yourself. Get the street style Coachella feel by adding those feather accessories and printed tops.


Art attack. Use geometric lines and shapes work for you by adding them into your outfits.

It’s always fun to dress up in school, right? Make your hallway your own runway!

More of Diego here.

photos from Adrianne Concepcion

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