Wednesday, April 27, 2016

IM's Olivia Medina Wins the Century Tuna Superbods 2016 Competition

Olivia Medina has made it.

We journeyed with her throughout the whole Century Tuna Superbods 2016 competition and witnessed how she persevered through the challenging activities. Now that she is named the female grand winner, we can’t help but wonder what goes through Olivia’s mind. Luckily, we had a chance to chat with this busy bee, and here’s what she shared.

IM Agency (IM): You said that this is your very first award-winning competition, did you ever imagine yourself winning a pageant growing up?
Olivia (O): NEVER in a million years did I ever imagine myself winning let alone participating in a pageant! haha Growing up I was a very shy girl when it came to being in the public eye and specially having to do any Q&A's.

IM: At what age did you start being conscious about your health and wellness?
O: It was 3 years ago when I really started to realize how unhealthy I was. I quite smoking, drinking alcohol, I gave up fast foods and avoided foods that contained artifical ingrediants. As I started to eat healthier on the inside I felt I wanted to be healthier on the outside by gaining muscle, and strengthening my body figure. For a long time growing up I was bullied for being thin, so once I got into my 20's I figured why allow what others say about me effect me when I could just go and do something healthy that would change me and make me feel more confident!

IM: Who or what sparked your interest in fitness?

O: What got me into fitness was the desire to improve myself. Wanting a more fit body and specially wanting to be just over all healthier on the inside! I took an interest in learning to cook and prepare healthy meals and from there I eventually explored the gym scene, getting a personal trainer and just continued and haven't stopped!

IM: Walk us through your daily morning routine.
O: My daily morning routine tends to be different each day and that is what I like most is each day brings something new for me to enjoy! I am a morning person, so regardless if I have work in the morning or not I am up having a healthy hearty breakfast 8 AM. On a day off I'll do an early morning power yoga class, spend my morning/afternoon at the pool tanning, be at the gym working out for about an hour and then makes plans to meet with friends for dinner or movie! If I'm alone then you will usually find me relaxing in the nail salon either sleeping in the comfy lazy boy chair or reading a book in starbucks!

IM: What are your favourite exercises to do?
O: I love circuit training, because it doesn't require heavy machines and you can basically train anywhere you are.. at home, in the park, etc only thing you would need is dumb bells, perhaps a medicine ball, and a yoga mat. 

IM: What’s next for Olivia Medina after winning Century Tuna Superbods 2016?
O: Well.. I will just continue to live my healthy lifestyle. Continue to improve myself and be more open with sharing the knowledge I have regarding fitness and health to those who ask! I look forward to exploring the new doors that open for me in the future and I'm just really over all excited to be apart of Century Tuna Superbods family!
Congratulations, Olivia! 

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