Wednesday, October 18, 2017

IM's Canadian "Head-turner" Elle

IM’s Canadian head-turner Elle Reece has been busy working in the Philippines for three months, yet she was able to quickly adapt in the country's culture - saying that Canada and the Philippines have so much in common.
Philippines is her first modeling stint outside of Canada, and this work opportunity gave her various
 platforms to discover and learn more about herself.
She said, "I was able to open up more because everyone here made me feel comfortable." One of these realizations was that she should never take everything personally when it comes to getting modeling jobs.

"You win some and you lose some jobs and it isn’t because you aren’t good enough, you may have just not been exactly what a client is looking for."

And when asked if she's happy with the results of her stay, this 18-year-old stunner answered, "Yes of course!"

Elle's modeling journey in the Philippines has, in fact, helped her gain more confidence. "Everything is a learning experience and not only did I learn a lot more about modeling, I also learned a lot more about myself. "I made really good friends by pushing myself out of my comfort zone. "Everything I’ve done here has pushed me to grow and to be more positive."

This Canada-based model would later move to other countries to do modeling. However, it looks like the whole experience was such a good one to Elle that even though she is still here in the Philippines, she already thinks of returning to the country—either for work or for vacation!

Here are some of the jobs she made here in the Philippines:

Mang Insal Pork Sisig TVC with Empoy
(video link here:

Bench Fashion Week 2017

Elle in Rocky Gathercole
ABS-CBN Bantay Bata Charity Ball 2017

Elle in Michael Leyva
Marry Me at Marriot Bridal Fashion Show 2017

Meanwhile, Elle has only good words for IM Agency, who took care of her during her modeling stint in the Philippines.

She exclaimed, "I love IM’s TEAM!

"Everyone in the office is so kind and funny. They’re super professional and always put their best foot forward for work. "I’m really going to miss this team and working with IM, I really had such a good time here," she ended.

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