Thursday, September 27, 2012

Valerie Weigmann | Status X Oxygen


Top model Valerie Weigmann poses for Oxygen’s “Young folks” fashion editorial in Status magazine September issue.

250155_10151437436039554_1407667180_n     284547_10151400624349554_748880159_n

Oxygen makes fashion eye-popping, candy-licking, and lip-smackingly delicious!

Bring in the fun, get camera-ready, let loose, and throw in some confetti for a jolly good time. It’s like the candy store exploded, with colors so bright, dancing around the set. No shoot’s as fun as a STATUS shoot when it’s like this! Props to Oxygen as well for their radiant collection of tops and bottoms. We even caught a glimpse of womens’ intimates, something new Oxygen has been cooking up for its lady shoppers. Life’s as sweet as a carnival when all the young folks take some time to enjoy and have a little laugh. –Status magazine

293356_10151400622649554_1161508602_n     408219_10151400622339554_1254486956_n

538742_10151400620609554_1296483921_n     547290_10151400621559554_282150923_n

Check out their BTS video:


STATUS x Oxygen Holiday 2012: Young Folks from STATUS Magazine on Vimeo.

Grab a copy of the Status September issue!

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Catriona Gray rocks Bench Universe 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shin for Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt


Spotted IM Agency’s tough girl Shin for Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt!

NESTLE Fruit Selection Yogurt has over a billion live microorganisms that are good for the tummy! Plus, it has real fruit pieces that makes it a snack that is so deliciously good!!!

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Close Up moment with Valerie Weigmann


A lucky winner gets to spend a special date with Close Up star Valerie Weigmann.

Close Up Philippines recently held an online contest for all their Facebook fans wherein they will win a date with Mark and Gabbie and Samsung Galaxy tabs.



Last Friday night, the winners met their dates at Top of the Citi restaurant.


Look at how beautiful the place was…



Gabbie & Mark catch up before meeting the winners.


They were given a bowl of questions just in case they run out of things to talk about!


A few minutes later, Valerie met her date, Remiel.


They were escorted to their dinner tables and felt comfortable. It is time for Close Up confidence!


Remiel and Valerie enjoyed their date! Check out what Remiel has to say:


Congratulations, Remiel!

More of Valerie here.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hye Won Jang | Splash Autumn/Winter 2012 fashion show


“Some are called but few are chosen”

IM Agency’s Hye Won Jang is one of the select models who were flown to Dubai for one of the most prestigious fashion show there, the Splash fashion show.

splash 2

Here is a picture of Hye with international designer Michael Cinco and other models from Manila.


Congrats, Hye!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Valerie Weigmann | Metro Society fashion editorial


IM Agency’s supermodel Valerie Weigmann poses for Metro Society magazine’s fashion editorial “Party chic”.


Sexy well-designed clothing with a vintage twist sparks the season of glamour with Emporio Armani’s new capsule.





Very classy!

More of Valerie here.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The return of Camille


Camille will be available for all immediate & direct bookings by September 20, 2012.

IM camille front

IM Camille rear

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Liz Clenci | Cosmopolitan magazine beauty editorial


IM Agency’s latest ‘It girl’ Liz Clenci is featured in this month’s Cosmo beauty editorial.

Check out these looks your guy will surely love when you’re out on a date.



Your date will surely be proud of everyone with these great looks!

Catch Liz very soon as we welcome her back.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

IM Agency’s Ciane in “The messengers” fashion editorial | Metro magazine


A story that depicts encounters with the universal symbols of light and dark. Characters garbed in couture pieces – illuminated beings or otherwise and everyman, playing allegorical representations of something larger, albeit in an alternate reality for it is with darkness that we see light.





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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

IM Agency’s Diego & Tierry for Michael Cinco


IM Agency’s Diego and Tierry pose for world-class Filipino designer Michael Cinco as photographed by Lope Navo.

This is the first ever issue of Garage Black and it features the cover story “Camera obscura”.

Garage-Homotography-02     Garage-Homotography-15

Garage-Homotography-13     Garage-Homotography-14

Garage-Homotography-10     Garage-Homotography-17

Garage-Homotography-01     Garage-Homotography-03


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