Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Get ready for IM Agency’s Candy cuties Adriane, Emil, Maqui, & Niko!

L-R: Niko, Adriane, Maqui, & Emil
Get ready this July 15 to vote for Candy magazine’s Candy Cuties 2012!

IM Agency’s resident heartthrobs Adriane, Emil, Maqui, & Niko will be making the Candy girls shriek their hearts out as they compete in this year’s Candy cuties.

Adriane (1)Adriane (2)

Adriane is the boy-next-door kind of guy who likes photography and traveling.

Emil Khodaverdi (29)Emil Khodaverdi (33)

Emil is the sporty guy every girl wants to be with. He is a varsity player in his school’s basketball team. Cool, right?

Maqui (1)Maqui (2)

Maqui is one tech savvy guy and a great dancer! He’ll captivate you with his dance floor moves and good looks. You will surely love him because you can practically talk anything under the sun with him.

Niko del Rosario (15)Niko del Rosario (17)

Anton del Rosario’s equally hot brother, Niko del Rosario also plays football and loves to surf. This guy loves the outdoors and being active!

Get to know these guys more in Candy magazine’s features!

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