Monday, May 22, 2017

Emilio is back in Manila!
Emilio stands tall at 5'10 feet, his versatility in front of the camera and professionalism is undeniable. Everyone has been looking forward to his return, and now that he's back, Emilio is now ready for some action!

Kindly contact any of our bookers if you wish to work with Emilio.

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A new face to look out for!

Born and grew up in Albania, Eddi Mataj stands 6'1 feet and has a killer stare. He's into soccer and little of thai boxing. Yes! He is here and available for bookings!

Kindly contact any of our bookers if you wish to work with Eddi.

For his full book, please visit
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Celebration of Milestone for IM Agency - Clyde Angel Rivera promoted as IM’s Managing Partner

Recognizing his valuable contribution to the company for the past 11 years, IM Agency’s Head Booker Clyde Angel Rivera is now IM’s Managing Partner. He is commended for his excellence, loyalty, passion and tireless dedication to work.

“Two heads are better than one. With our combined expertise plus the heart and competencies of our new breed of soldiers/employees, we are geared and committed to bring IM Agency to the next level.” said the president of IM Agency, May Flores.

For the next 3 years, IM Agency will expand to other facets of the industry - talent management, digital business, and international model placement. IM Agency setting up offices in different key cities globally is also happening in the near future.

To lead a pack of ICONS, that is what May envisions. According to her, these icons are influencers in the industry that carry and embody beautiful stories and positive messages to an audience. These talents are stars literally and figuratively, exuding beauty not only physically but in character as well.

She also added, “we want this to be our legacy, something that will encompass our lives. We could be working in the background all the time setting the stage for others but as we help and make others shine, we get closer to fulfilling this vision. It is like putting together a giant puzzle - a big daunting task on hand, yes but we accept this challenge wholeheartedly. We just know that this is an incredible life journey from the beginning.”

A hearty lunch was held at Spiral, Sofitel Manila last Monday, May 15, 2017 in celebration of this milestone. 

From humble beginnings 13 years ago, IM Agency is now gearing up for something big locally and internationally. Please stay tuned for more updates.

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