Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Presenting Amaliya

Comeback Queen

Remember the beautiful lady from the big SMDC billboards?
 The lovely Amaliya is returning to conquer the industry.
This Filipino-at-heart lady is now available for bookings.

Kindly contact any of our bookers if you wish to work with Amaliya.

Watch IM's Kathariny as she stars in this latest TVC of Andok's.

Presenting Fernando

Hotter than Summer

21 year-old Hunk Fernando is back in the Philippines.
He is ready to take on Manila once again!
This sexy, fine man is a real-deal. He is now available for bookings!

Kindly contact any of our bookers if you wish to work with Fernando.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

IM in the Spotlight
Real stories from IM models
IM Agency's newest discovery: Raquel
This lady has an undeniably captivating and refreshing face.
She is also multitalented and ready for anything! Definitely a good catch!

Welcome to IM Agency, Raquel!

Kindly contact any of our bookers if you wish to work with Raquel.
Amaliya and Fernando were not raised and born in the Philippines. In fact, they are of foreign blood.

However, these two returning models are no strangers to the local culture, as both have experienced working in the country.

Now that they are back in the place they call as "second home," Amaliya and Fernando are willing to double their efforts and go for the extra mile!

With unforgettable experiences in the Philippines, these two IM models decided to come back to create new memories while exploring more on what this country has to offer them.

These Filipino-at-Heart models both admitted that they missed the weather, the lifestyle, and even the people here.

Amaliya said, “Manila has a lot of things that makes me happy and this is my recovering place."

Fernando, for his part, pointed out that his Filipino followers are one of the reasons why he returned in the country.

As he put it into words, “They are asking me to go back, so I think, why not give it a try?”

For their comeback in the Philippines, Fernando, 21, and Amaliya, 22, chose IM Agency once again!

Amaliya explained that the people in the team did not only became her colleagues, but she also felt like she is treated as family.

She exclaimed, "IM is my one and only agency in Manila!"

Meanwhile, Fernando gives the agency his full trust in terms of his modeling career.

He elaborated, "IM took care of me when I was just a baby in this crazy industry and I know I can trust them in the next months."

For more updates about our returning models, follow our social media accounts and stay tuned for announcements.

Welcome back home, Amaliya and Fernando!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

IM's Carla in this latest Jollibee Strawberry Fries and Tea Float commercial

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