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Presenting Azkals player Joshua



IM AGENCY is proud to present to you Azkals player JOSHUA.

Available for all immediate & direct bookings.

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Catriona Gray in Metro magazine’s 24 Most iconic models

Catriona Gray Metro 24


Over the last few decades, we've encountered faces so captivating, they've etched themselves indelibly onto our memories. As Metro celebrates its 24th year, we've asked 24 of the most iconic faces in modeling to show off their best moves, while wearing the creations of 24 fashion designers who we believe are poised to take the reins of the industry leaders and steer it into a new era. Wearing designs geared towards the needs and wants of the modern Filipino, the most memorable women in fashion transcend the roles we've come to know them for, and prove that they're more than just pretty hangers for dresses.

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