Thursday, May 31, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 in a glance

L-R: Gui, Catriona, Luana, May, Maqui, Zaydan, Diego, Felipe, and Fernanda

The Philippine Fashion Week has been a super busy one but it’s all worth it!

Not a day passes by that the IM models rested. We were all busy bees the whole week but we are not complaining!

Check out how we hustled it out through these photos:

Sisters: Valerie & Catriona
Girl power: L-R Nicole, Alexia, Valerie, Catriona, and Tanya
La Familia: L-R Aldwin, Priscilla, Gustavo, Alexia, Catriona, May, Marj, Valerie, Tanya, Nuel, Clyde, and Paris

Valerie being interviewed by Yahoo PH

Marj, Danica, May, and Priscilla

May with Metro magazine's fashion editor Mela de Luna, Priscilla, and Clyde


Jeff Bascon, May, and Doc Marlon

Zaydan, Luana, Diego, Priscilla, Felipe, Gui, and Malou

Fan pics!

DSC_1447-1     DSC_1764-1


Danica, May, Jerome Lorico, Clyde, Catriona, and Priscilla
Clyde, Carlo, and May

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pablo for Hang Ten’s Summer-Spring 2012 collection


IM’s Pablo is the current face of Hang Ten Philippines and we see why!

We have posted before his campaign photos and now, prepare for some more of them from Hang Ten’s look book.


Cotton Project. Perfect for the hot weather, Hang Ten provides us with comfortable and sweat-friendly pieces that are guaranteed to make you a trendsetter.


Yee-haw! Feeling like a Texas cowboy? Get this checkered long-sleeve polo and pants from Hang Ten and all you need is a cowboy hat.


Instant fashionista. This look is perfect for the office guys. Top your usual white polo with a cool jacket and voila – everyone in the office will turn their heads on you.


Filipino men should start learning that a nice jacket completes their look. Even though we are living in a tropical country, these jackets are made of cotton to make your skin breathe.


Swim-ready. The Summer collection won’t be complete without the board shorts. We love this striped shorts and its colors!

Don't forget to visit your nearest Hang Ten stores nationwide!

photos from Hang Ten Philippines’ Facebook page.
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IM Spotted: Pedro at SM


Look who that cool guy is posing for SM – it’s Pedro from IM!

If ever you hang out at the SM malls, particularly at SM MOA department store, you will surely spot Pedro in every corner.


Have you spotted any IM model anywhere? Take a picture and tag us on Facebook and/or Twitter!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Belated Happy Birthday Miko!!!


Check out more of Miko here.

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Tierry for Michael Cinco’s Bench perfume “Impalpable”

Tierry Vilson

This is the introduction video of Michael Cinco’s Bench fashion show for the launching of his new scent named “Impalpable”.

Tierry is with America’s Next Top Model finalist Allison Harvard.

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Diego and Felipe for Melchor Guinto


IM’s Diego and Felipe wears Filipino designer Melchor Guinto for his Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 look book.

Melchor Guinto is a menswear designer based in Quezon City, Manila who primarily creates both tailored work wear for men of the business world and relaxed pieces for the boy next door. He has recently incorporated women’s evening wear into his collection during Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012 Premiere Collection.

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Enrique for Drei Soriano

Enrique Nor

We found these fashionable look books of Enrique at the Philippine Fashion Week show.

enrique drei

enrique drei 2

Enrique gives Filipino designer Drei Soriano a Calvin Klein feel with these photos!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Catriona for Smart


We soo love this TVC!

IM’s Catriona plays Meg Vargas, an office girl who is having a date with her special someone after work.

This TVC is so good that it almost feels like a movie.

Watch how she manages to catch up with her friend using Smart:

Life's biggest moments deserve fast, reliable internet. Only from the biggest network. That's why life online should never be on hold.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

SM’s Men in Mac: Pedro and Zaydan (video)


We have blogged before when we spotted Pedro and Zaydan’s Men in Mac poster at SM, and now here’s their promo video.

Check out our previous post about Men in Mac here to know how to win Apple gadgets.

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IM models for #OxygenJeansEveryday


Since it’s Oxygen’s day today at the Philippine Fashion Week, let us give you some #OxygenJeansEveryday with IM models, of course.

#OxygenJeansEveryday STYLE DIARY - SUNDAY. A lazy day for most of the models, except for Jan who just flew in and is flying out again to London! Whether you’re marrying the couch or gearing up for a crazy busy day, these comfy shirts, light cardigans and stylish jeans have got you covered.




Cant’ wait for tonight’s fashion show!

from Oxygen

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IM with international designer Michael Cinco!!!


After the Philippine Fashion Week day 1, we had dinner at Greenbelt…


A few minutes later, we were joined by none other than Pinoy international designer Michael Cinco!
Michael Cinco with our boss, May.


Michael Cinco was so down-to-earth that we instantly shared laughter during the dinner! We felt like we were just talking to an old-time friend.

Here he is with our models…


Meeting the great Michael Cinco truly inspired the whole IM team for the fashion week. His energy and enthusiasm towards fashion was contagious!

We are so lucky to have met you, Michael. See you soon!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Top new faces at the Philippine Fashion Week

Be in the know! Here are the top new faces that you should watch out at the Philippine Fashion Week.

Above is the always smiling Felipe .

Here is the very mysterious Gustavo.

High fashion model Catriona.

The very friendly and approachable Diego.

If you spot these models at the Philippine Fashion Week scene, don’t be shy to say hi and feel free to take pictures with them! Tag us on Facebook and Twitter.

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IM at The Ramp fashion show


Philippine Fashion Week is here!

The Ramp Crossings opens the very much anticipated fashion event of the year with their fun business casual approach to men’s and printed feminine approach to women’s fashion.









photos from The Ramp

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