Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IM Agency’s top models Valerie Weigmann and Catriona Gray for Nestle non-fat milk

Nestle Flaunt Ad

Flaunt your assets!

Cosmo’s top models together with Preview’s best emerging designers show you an unforgettable summer look.

Valerie Weigmann

“One of my best features are my long legs. Even just a little show of leg will definitely go a long way” – Valerie Weigmann

Catriona Gray (2)

“I regularly work out my legs and wouldn’t mind flaunting them this summer. A pair of well-formed legs shows that a woman knows where she’s going” –Catriona Gray

Nestle Flaunt Ad featuring Filipina top models

Check out the full editorial in this month’s Cosmo and Preview magazines!

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