Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our Top 5 Favorite Moments with Maria on PBB

When Maria entered the house, she captivated the world with her beauty, but as days go by, we realize that she's really more than just a pretty face.. Here are our favorite moments on Pinoy Big Brother! 

5. Maria guests on PBB Livestream! 
Even after the pageant, Maria still proves that she is a lady with grace and substance, as she converses with hosts Bianca, Darla, and Robi. Great things are in store for you, Maria!
4. Miss Teen Big Brother Pageant Night!
Lara Quigaman crowns Maria as the first ever Miss Teen Big Brother! Moments later, Maria graciously shares her crown to other female housemates. *tears*
3. Maria wows us with her SAMBA dance during the Miss Teen Big Brother Pageant Night!
IM: Were you shy when you knew you will have to dance in front of many people?
Maria: NOPE! I wasn't shy at all!

She's really something. ;)
2. Maria eats balut during the Filipino-Brazilian party!
We didn't think she would do it, but this girl surprised us all. Way to go, Maria! ;)
1. MarYong moments are TOP 1 on our list AND in our hearts..
Maria greets Yong on his birthday! 
Moments before Maria leaves the PBB house 
Cute MarYong moments during the Filipino-Brazilian party!

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