Wednesday, February 21, 2018

 February has always been known as the "love month."
However, IM Agency's couple model Fernando and Anna treat everyday as a celebration of love.
Being a couple for quite some time now, work is never a hindrance to their relationship since they flew together to the Philippines under IM Agency.

Of course, there are also times when they're not together because of work, as they always try to keep in touch, thanks to technology and the existence of video calling apps.

These two love birds also flawlessly perform their tasks, and it is not an issue for them if they get paired with other models for projects.
Anna said, "We really trust each other. I feel safe with him though I feel a bit over protective from silly things sometimes."

Being a couple who loves traveling, Anna said that their ultimate goal is to travel the world together.
She added, "It doesn't really matter [which] place because if I'm with him, I know I will be happy."

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