Friday, April 27, 2012

IM’s Pablo and Ana in Status Magazine


Finally, here is Status Magazine’s Champion Match editorial with IM’s Pablo and Ana.


“Showcase some tonal variety by layering prints on solids, slipping into slim jeans, and kicking back in those Keds Champions” –Ernest, 19

“Tear up the grungy art scene by matching your Keds Champions with clothes that tribute pop artists or that play on the wild side.” –Lalaine, 18


“Dash your Summer boho duds with a little tangerine tang by pairing blouse tops and distressed jeans with brighter shoes.” –Barbie, 18


“With white Keds, the trick is to balance simplicity with the zing of dressy tops, denim cutoffs, and statement jewelry.” –Jeniela, 15

“Upgrade those high school khakis with a tailored fit and matching chambray button-down. Blaze in orange sneaks for extra preppy boy charm.” –Josh, 18

Grab your copies now!

photos from Status magazine Facebook page

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