Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pablo for Italian brand Robe Di Kappa


MANILA, Philippines - Simple. Classic. Functional. Technical. Elegant. These are the five brands of Robe di Kappa, a new clothing line from Europe.


Update the classic polo by pairing it with on-trend pieces.
Robe di Kappa describes itself as the Italian brand that you would be proud to wear. Be it sporty or casual, Robe di Kappa has a modernistic and no-nonsense approach in revolutionizing one’s look.

Robe di Kappa’s line of basic but practical casual to luxury items is geared towards university students as well as office workers.


Sportswear you can wear on and off the court
The brand takes pride in “informal casual to pure elegant casual” clothes. Robe di Kappa is specifically designed for those open-minded people who prefer high-quality apparel with a sophisticated touch for leisure and professional activities. Items include basic clothing necessities like their classic polo shirts, shorts, pants, and even jackets.

Robe di Kappa is at the second floor of The Podium and at Hobbies and Sports in Alabang Town Center.

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