Thursday, November 17, 2016

IM's Pauline and Fabiano | Uncomplicate 2016 Workshop

  Grooming to perfection has done by this ineffable models of IM. As the theme "Uncomplicate 2016" begins to bloom in Tagaytay, it is the same day when Pauline Balagtas and Fabiano Batista slay the wedding ceremony spot for their photo shoot. Something to look forward to in an online website.

  Uncomplicate 2016 makes this workshop for amateur photographers who want to see wonderful phantasms in different views. Angles that come easy for them to capture because of how stunning their subjects are.
Suit by: | Gown by: @teenasabrina | Grooming / Makeup: @ibyron and @pattyinojales | Ceremony styling: @tippingpointcollective 

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