Thursday, November 17, 2016

IM in the Spotlight: Tanya Hyde

For a woman who works in an industry that's always busy and always buzzing, IM model and Yoga teacher, Tanya Hyde, shares how self awareness leads to a more positive life, and a happier self.
A Journey to the inner self
When she was 18, Tanya tried out Yoga with a goal to lose weight and achieve a more toned body, but two years ago after her first teacher training, she saw that Yoga opened more doors for her than she expected.
"I was feeling like I needed some eat, pray, love kinda experience. I realized I wanted to teach because of what Yoga is-not just an exercise but a lifestyle where you are led to be more kind to yourself and others, and sharing and bringing more positivity everywhere I go.."

As a model, being in tune with your body is of utmost importance. According to Tanya, the physical aspect of Yoga helps her keep her body more agile and flexible. While we see models looking flawless on ads and floating through the runway, neither of it is an easy task!
"Yoga also allows me to be more secure in knowing who I am, at the same time reminds me to detach or to let go, or to go with the flow during castings, not to get too disheartened if I don't get the job-that it's likely not because of me as a person, but only because I'm not their peg. Breathe and just move on to the next one.. There are SO MANY things to learn from Yoga teachings."
There's no hiding in HYDEproject
Tanya recently launched HYDEproject, which is centered on holistic makeover transformation by aligning your inner and outer self through fashion, beauty & Yoga. 

Tanya strongly believes that everyone has the there is inherent beauty in everyone, and the journey to discover that starts with outer change; by combining the transformative powers of fashion, beauty, and Yoga, one can find the balance between the inner and outer self, and be prepared to take on opportunities that may arrive. 

Go ahead and check out to know more! You'll be glad you did! 

HYDEproject on social media:

Upcoming events:
Nov 19: Participating in the event of Beyond Yoga x Zalora : promoting yoga & fashion
Nov. 20 - "Yoga Beach Therapy" at Amami Beach Resort

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