Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fashion Week etiquette

It’s the first day of Philippine Fashion Week. So before we flock en masse to SMX, we took it upon ourselves to share a couple of tips. At best, they’ll make you look like an insider and at the least, help you avoid a tousle with the well-heeled denizens of PFW. Here are some do’s and don’ts to surviving and hopefully, thriving, in the fashion wave ahead.

1.) Never cut the line

Photo by Yana Paskova for The New York Times

It’s basic etiquette, not just in fashion week. Having an insider, a model, or a designer as a friend still gives you no right to cut the line. It’s also not very classy.

2.) Ignore (or pretend to ignore) the celebrities

Fashion week WILL be graced by fashion and showbiz A-listers. The quickest way to let everyone in the room know you're a newbie is to get star struck. Keep in mind that it’s best to play it cool. It’s a fashion show, not a concert or a mall tour. These celebrities are there as guests and so are you. Star struck is not fashionable. Gracious is.

3.) Play it cool

Photo via Glamour.com

Similar to the previous rule, the same should also be done for the items we see in the show. Yes, that Michael Cinco dress strutting down the runway is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen and you at least want to touch it, but contain your excitement! A simple clap, reserved at the end of the show, is the best amount of enthusiasm you can give. You may also use oohs and aahs.

4.) Keep your social media gadgets handy

Usually, being attached to your iPhone or BlackBerry is very rude when a show is ongoing. At Fashion Week, however, keeping your social media gadgets handy are a must so you can tweet or announce what you’re seeing stat! Not everyone gets an invite to Fashion Week, so go ahead and share your experience as it happens. That’s what it’s made for! Playing Draw Something or any other game on your gadget however, IS considered rude. Please respect the show and the designers.

5.) Cover your mouth when talking

Photo via CelebrityInspirations.com

There’s nothing worse than being photographed with your mouth wide open as you rave about the show to your seatmate. Also, don’t assume that the person seated next to you even wants to chat. He or she might be trying to concentrate on the show or channeling the fashion crowd’s calm vibe. Either way, it’s extremely embarrassing to be shushed, given the “talk to the hand” gesture, or God forbid… escorted out of the venue.

6.) Eat when the lights are closed

Photo via Hairstyles Celebrity Trend

No explanation needed.

7.) Keep those sunglasses!

Photo via thehighlow.com

Wearing your sunnies inside requires certain chutzpah. Sure, the bright runway lights and constant flashes of the paparazzi might seem like they could harm your eyes. But unless you’re a VIP—AKA someone who stays seated in the front row for hours every day of Fashion Week and is therefore migraine-prone– you don’t really need to put those shades on.

Keep all these and mind, and don't forget to enjoy!

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