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The new SUPERMODEL–Valerie Weigmann


It is official! IM’s Valerie Weigmann is one of the new supermodels as featured in yesterday’s Philippine Star Supreme issue.

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MANILA, Philippines - Diversity is the name of the game. No two people are alike. Individuality that doesn’t scream — beauty that embraces — does not discriminate.

The stereotype of the “model” has far left our collective consciousness. In comes a new mold of mindsets. We are lucky to live in the generation of inclusivity. The walls that used to envelope cliques have given way to bridges. Only thing to do is to make sure you cross.

Philippine Fashion Week is around the corner — that twice-a-year style bonanza that gathers the brightest brands in one festival. I say “brands” because it is not enough to be a name these days. You have to be a brand.

Enter the new brand ambassadors, representing the most diverse list of front runners. Danica Magpantay has a title under her belt, Supermodel of the world, the first Filipina to have achieved the honor. She currently is most in demand in global runways and regional campaigns. She has a distinct glint that glows onstage, a glow that makes her a cut above the rest.

valerie weigmann

Model roll call

Pauline Prieto is the designer’s muse, her chameleon gaze turns every glossy she touches into gold. She currently shuffles between Hong Kong and Manila for choice assignments. Val Weigmann transitioned from glitz biz to runway and is currently the toast of TVC’s land, with a plum role in a toothpaste commercial aired all over the region.

Sam Gomez was discovered at the age of 13 and is the youngest winner of the Supermodel Philippines title. She is the favorite of designers and directors for her model maturity at such a tender age. Jessica Yang is from Taiwan but fell in love with the Philippines. The fashion industry fell in love with her Far Eastern feline features.

You’ll be seeing more of them this Fashion Week season. Be sure to mark their names and remember their faces. They represent the new codes of industry. They are the new flag bearers.

article from Supreme

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