Tuesday, July 18, 2017

IM in the Spotlight
Real stories from IM models
Welcome aboard!
The latest addition to IM’s roster of stunning models are Canadians Elle and Briana.

They both came from the same agency in Canada and flew together to work here in the Philippines. What they have in common is that both started modeling at a very young age. Elle started modeling at the age of 15 with the help of her aunt. On the other hand, Briana started at the age of 16 after getting tons of invites to do modeling.
Working at a very young age, they said, is an advantage as it made them more prepared for the future.

As 18-year-old women, Elle and Briana have different qualities that are not hard to adore.
Elle is a self-confessed laidback girl, "but when it's time to get serious, I can say that I can totally shift in to being serious." At times, this girl can be a little shy. However, what she's proud of is her sense of humor. "I think I got it from my family. They're very silly, so something must have brushed off onto me."

Meanwhile, Briana describes herself as a hardworking person. "I always keep myself busy and occupied with something new." Being a girl that has a lot of interests in life, she considers herself as adventurous who is always up for new things and challenges to take on.

For them, Canada can really be a tough place to start a modeling career. This is why they are very much thankful and privileged that they were presented to IM Agency. This opportunity allowed them to start fresh and recreate themselves as professional models. As such, both Elle and Briana are excited to gain new experiences in working in the Philippines. At the same time, they intend to learn more about the country and its culture.

How would they describe Filipinos? Briana shared, "Filipinos are super friendly and I can tell that it comes from a good place. I find that through meeting with IM Agency and interactions with locals that Filipinos are very personal and [they] focus on building strong relationships with the people around them. "I feel that is a great quality to possess." On the same note, Elle said, "They're very interactive and friendly! It's nice to see people in a good mood." But here's one of Elle's observations that we couldn't agree more: "The only thing is, the traffic is crazy here!!"

Definitely, with their hardwork and candidness, expect each work day to be fun and light! We are all excited to work with these lovely Canadians and surely, you'll love it too!
Welcome to the Philippines, Elle and Briana!

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