Tuesday, March 14, 2017

IM's Patrik,Anja and Jack for Go Sports

IM Models Are Always On The Go!

While everyone is busy with their own stuff, Patrik Frankkson, Anja Peters and Jack Ellis free their time for Go Sports.

Go Sports was shot early January at The Village located in Las Pinas.

Models enjoyed the entire day showcasing different sports like football, swimming, cycling and tennis.
Gladly, aside from being models, Patrik, Anja and Jack are also players of their respective sport shoot so instead of getting a bit tired in doing these things, they were energetic from the start up to the end.
Here's a sneak peek of Go Sports shoot.

Patrick has been a soccer player for years and dreams to compete abroad.
            As Go Sports gives him an opportunity to showcase his passion,
  Patrick gives his best shots to look after his dream.

Anja Peters is known as a model and beauty queen
but what what makes her who she is?
Anja never fails to give a day for a gym to be more slim
and face the day with great body.
She enjoys the rest of the shoot
as she also loves to dive in the water in her spare time.

Jack Ellis loves adventure
and always welcomes the morning with a smile
as he spends his day looking around with his favorite bike.

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