Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kojiesan | 10 years Unbeaten

10 years ago in Binondo, people discovered a kojic soap that lightened their skin, diminished acne, dark spots, freckles, and dark spots. And so that kojic soap went to become one of the most trusted brands in skincare today, helping women achieve the fair skin they've always wanted.

For Kojiesan's 10th anniversary, they unveiled their latest products, a new line for men, Kojiesan Men, and introduced Bellic Peel & Glow.

Apart from inspiring messages from BEVI's executives, the highlight of the night was a grand fashion show that showcased creations of designers from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.


Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc. Executives with models on stage
Backstage Pass
Some scenes backstage with beautiful and confident ladies before the show starts!
 Kojiesan IT Girls Tanya and Jen posing for some photos! #TeamIMAgency
 Models with designer Cen Hontomen
Models sported the fun, Japanese-inspired hairstyle, and avant-garde makeup. 

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